American Supima Cotton

American Supima Cotton (Extra-Long Staple Cotton)

Often referred to as “the cashmere of cottons”, Supima surpasses other cottons in softness, strength, and brilliance of color.

A Longer Staple Length

The staple length of Supima is 35% longer than regular cottons. This increases softness and luster.

A Stronger Fiber

Supima is up to 45% stronger than regular cottons. This makes Supima products extraordinarily resilient. Even lighter-weight Supima fabrics are incredibly durable, without compromising drape and comfort.

A Vibrant Fiber

Supima absorbs and retains color better than regular cottons. This means that Supima products retain their brilliance over many years of use.

Origins of Extra-Long Staple Cotton

The origin of true extra-long staple cottons can be traced to the introduction of Sea Island to the U.S. in 1786 from seed received from the Bahama Islands, an area from which Columbus is reputed to have taken Sea Island samples to Europe in 1492.

The first successful crop of Sea Island was produced by William Elliott on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina in 1790. Although production of this ELS cotton later expanded into the interior regions of Georgia and Florida.

Interesting Fact:

Cotton benefits the environment: It is important to remember that cotton also sequesters carbon. An annual cotton crop has the same beneficial impact as removing 7.25 million passenger vehicles from the roads. 



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